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working titles

July 24, 2014

Perhaps the winning title is among those in this list.

(each followed by:  The X___ X___ Story)

All Her Life –

Hooked –

Bo-Bo –

Stepping Away –

Of North Beach –

Seven Hills, Plus One –

Silver, Ashes, Gold –

There Are No Words –

Ravelings –

Raveled Years –

Raveler –

The Raveling –

The Deaths –

Spoon and Flame –

All Life Breathes Together –

Aim, Fire, Repeat –

Works –

Hold Fast –

The Dash –

The Long Way ‘Round –

Second Helpings –


My favorite so far:  unhooked –  The X____ X____ Story


Someday, when this biography is in hardback and I’m rolling in dough, this list will fascinate me.

Today’s Goals:

morning: housekeeping, pay insurance;

afternoon: Transcribe Tapes (1/2 down, 12 to go)

Write On!




July 20, 2014


I scream for a life of Structure.

How do I make this happen?
I can make it happen, once –
which is not exactly, “Structure.” heh…

Structure is permanent Scaffolding. It holds our bits together.


It isn’t a matter of knowing what to do; it’s really all about when to do it.

Structure lessens decisions, builds inner trust. My inner trust.

Structure shortens our to-do lists.

My to-do lists are lies to myself. I create them in place of the Doing.

1. Treadmill 30 minutes every morning
2. Market on Tuesdays
3. Sort bills, papers as they arrive
4. Move through the house, wiping and sweeping an hour a day, every day
5. Quit Smoking
6. Read in the evenings
7. Shut off the world and Write after #1

Lies to Self. I’m drowning in them.

My mind drags itself on callused elbows across the desert sands pleading for the quenching flow of Structure.

Just click your heels three times, my dear, and think to yourself… “Structure is Everything.”

writing by the Up & At ‘Em philosophy

July 4, 2014

The early bird shall conquer the world.


July 1, 2014

Did you know that beginning in the late 1950’s, doctors in San Francisco considered methamphetamine a cure for heroin addiction?


oh, yes they did.


Methedrine was the brandname for methamphetamine, an injectable made by Burroughs-Well-come until 1963.


“Injectable Methedrine was prescribed for treatment of heroin addiction by a few San Francisco physicians and that created concern among San Francisco’s medical community and law enforcement.”

the view from my desk

June 29, 2014

I am grappling with approach in constructing the story of my aunt’s life. Decisions, decisions…

o The Genre: Creative non-Fiction, vs., Based On A True Story: CNF is winning, as I learn about Author Notes.

o Where to open the tale: I have, thus far, opened it Everywhere. Currently, the scene where she dumps her new husband’s expensive liquor collection into the kitchen sink is my go-to.

o Where, when, and how much back-story to insert: There is a finesse to the incorporation of Back-story. I continue to study the subject like crazy. Seems as though Less is More. Unless More is its own chapter.

o How to balance her untruthfulness, and/or forgetfulness: the thing of it is, I have my own memories of her life (as does my mother); plus, seeing as I wasn’t born yesterday, many of her accountings are veiled truths. My grandmother was alive when a dozen taped interviews were made in the 80’s (I am not the original biographer), and protecting mama would have been instinctive.


I was given a first draft by the original biographer, and I possess more than a dozen audio taped interviews. How splendid is that? I fully appreciate my good fortune. Ironically, I have a hearing impairment and listening to them is grueling work requiring total silence, focus, and constant readjustment of my listening device. In addition, I am typing (and, thus, pausing/rewinding) as fast as I can to create a transcript. I hope not to listen to them again – my aunt’s soft voice punctuated with doorbells, telephones, traffic, restaurant silverware, wind, and barking dogs. heh-heh…


Personal Rant: I am going crazy trying to get my avatar to show on wordpress.

– tinker

starting off

June 29, 2014

I am a fledgling writer, unpublished and unread.


About a year ago, upon completing a first draft of a partial chapter of the next great American novel (with movie rights, mind you), a rush sparkled through my chest and up into my brain leaving me high on joy.


“I can do this!” I sang to the Universe.


Panting, I printed those dozen pages and bound them in a pronged folder from Walmart.  I was leaving for my twice-yearly trip home where I planned to invite family members and friends to lose themselves in what I anticipated was destined to become the next Gone With The Wind.




Setting my face in nonchalant disinterest, I allowed myself only brief peeks at the faces of each dutiful reader, humbly prepared for accolades and applause.  When no one (no one! I tell you!) clamored or begged for the Rest of the Story, much less praised what they had just read, I could not close my ears to the proverbial drawing board as it called my name.


As a fledgling, it is the best thing that could have happened in my one-week writing career.


So, now, inspired most recently by JR Sheridan , I have decided to chronicle my writing journey.  I hope you will follow me as I  put fingers to keyboard and Do write the next GWTW.  With movie rights.




– roberta