I scream for a life of Structure.

How do I make this happen?
I can make it happen, once –
which is not exactly, “Structure.” heh…

Structure is permanent Scaffolding. It holds our bits together.


It isn’t a matter of knowing what to do; it’s really all about when to do it.

Structure lessens decisions, builds inner trust. My inner trust.

Structure shortens our to-do lists.

My to-do lists are lies to myself. I create them in place of the Doing.

1. Treadmill 30 minutes every morning
2. Market on Tuesdays
3. Sort bills, papers as they arrive
4. Move through the house, wiping and sweeping an hour a day, every day
5. Quit Smoking
6. Read in the evenings
7. Shut off the world and Write after #1

Lies to Self. I’m drowning in them.

My mind drags itself on callused elbows across the desert sands pleading for the quenching flow of Structure.

Just click your heels three times, my dear, and think to yourself… “Structure is Everything.”


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