the view from my desk

I am grappling with approach in constructing the story of my aunt’s life. Decisions, decisions…

o The Genre: Creative non-Fiction, vs., Based On A True Story: CNF is winning, as I learn about Author Notes.

o Where to open the tale: I have, thus far, opened it Everywhere. Currently, the scene where she dumps her new husband’s expensive liquor collection into the kitchen sink is my go-to.

o Where, when, and how much back-story to insert: There is a finesse to the incorporation of Back-story. I continue to study the subject like crazy. Seems as though Less is More. Unless More is its own chapter.

o How to balance her untruthfulness, and/or forgetfulness: the thing of it is, I have my own memories of her life (as does my mother); plus, seeing as I wasn’t born yesterday, many of her accountings are veiled truths. My grandmother was alive when a dozen taped interviews were made in the 80’s (I am not the original biographer), and protecting mama would have been instinctive.


I was given a first draft by the original biographer, and I possess more than a dozen audio taped interviews. How splendid is that? I fully appreciate my good fortune. Ironically, I have a hearing impairment and listening to them is grueling work requiring total silence, focus, and constant readjustment of my listening device. In addition, I am typing (and, thus, pausing/rewinding) as fast as I can to create a transcript. I hope not to listen to them again – my aunt’s soft voice punctuated with doorbells, telephones, traffic, restaurant silverware, wind, and barking dogs. heh-heh…


Personal Rant: I am going crazy trying to get my avatar to show on wordpress.

– tinker


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