starting off

I am a fledgling writer, unpublished and unread.


About a year ago, upon completing a first draft of a partial chapter of the next great American novel (with movie rights, mind you), a rush sparkled through my chest and up into my brain leaving me high on joy.


“I can do this!” I sang to the Universe.


Panting, I printed those dozen pages and bound them in a pronged folder from Walmart.  I was leaving for my twice-yearly trip home where I planned to invite family members and friends to lose themselves in what I anticipated was destined to become the next Gone With The Wind.




Setting my face in nonchalant disinterest, I allowed myself only brief peeks at the faces of each dutiful reader, humbly prepared for accolades and applause.  When no one (no one! I tell you!) clamored or begged for the Rest of the Story, much less praised what they had just read, I could not close my ears to the proverbial drawing board as it called my name.


As a fledgling, it is the best thing that could have happened in my one-week writing career.


So, now, inspired most recently by JR Sheridan , I have decided to chronicle my writing journey.  I hope you will follow me as I  put fingers to keyboard and Do write the next GWTW.  With movie rights.




– roberta



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